Cast iron pipes (TYTON, VRS jointing) – water
- TYT, VRS and other jointing
- Outer protection Zn-Al with epoxy (C40) or bitumen (K9), PE layer
- Cement inner protection
- DN80-DN2000 (depending on pipe type)

Cast iron pipes – BLUETOP
- Easy handling
- Strong and resistant to damage during delivery and installation
- Fit for installation at various terrain conditions
- Up to 6 ° adjustment at each joint
- Over 100 years durability under ground

Cast Iron pipes – sewage
- Cast iron pipe with fittings

SML pipes with fittings
- Grey cast with graphite flakes
- Suitable for drainage of buildings and bridges
- Reliable jointing
- Stable and durable form, impact, abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and extreme temperature resistant
- Non-flammable

PVC, PEHD pipes and fittings
Pressure pipes for water
- Resistant to chemicals, temperature and hardly inflammable
- DN63 - DN500
Street sewage
- Resistant to chemicals, temperature and hardly inflammable
- Wall thickness SN2, SN4
Street sewage
- Corrugated pipes
- Wall thickness SN8
Home sewage, PVC and PP
- Resistant to chemicals, temperature, plaque and bacteria, and hardly inflammable
- DN32 - DN160
PEHD Pipes
- For water, gas and cable protection
- Light weight and flexible
- Good resistance to chemicals and acids
- DN10-DN630
- Up to PN40
Cable protection
- Yellow, red, black
- Resistant to pressure and impact
- Easily retractable cables

Drainage pipes
- Rings, sticks
- DN50-DN200

Concrete pipes
- For sewage

Polyester pipes
- Easy jointing
- Sewer (PN1) and pressure (PN6 - PN25)
- DN150-DN2400
- A complete range of fittings, including manholes
- Very good resistance to chemicals